Theory of Disruptive Strategy Applied to

Salesforce went from non-existent in 1999 to market leader in 2012, leapfrogging giants of the industry. For 8 years running now, Salesforce is still the leader of the pack

source: Gartner SFA MQ 2003, 2012, 2020

21 years is a long time of sustained success in business. Salesforce has done a lot right! However, we know throughout history though, success can not be taken for granted and should always be viewed as temporary. I recently completed the Harvard Business School online course, Disruptive Strategy, and this article applies those theories of innovation to Salesforce as a company. Clayton Christensen is considered the father of “Disruptive Innovation“, first with his book “The Innovators Dilemma” in 1997, years before disruption became part of our everyday vernacular, and now immortalised in this Harvard course. What would Clayton Christensen’s theory of disruption and disruptive strategy recommend for a company in a dominant position such as Salesforce?


The Architect Framework for Every Salesforce Implementation

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle of all Salesforce certifications. Where all other certifications can be passed through sheer brute force memorisation or luck, the CTA certification requires passing a pressure test environment with a live presentation to a panel of Salesforce architects at their peak, followed by rapid fire questions that you can only pass if you can provide clear AND concise responses on the spot that can satisfy to the judges that you have mastered your craft.


Choosing an Implementation Partner to Maximise Success

A Salesforce Implementation Partner, at the most basic level, is a company you can hire to help you configure and customise your Salesforce instance. Salesforce Partners are also referred to as a System Integrators or Consultants. Different partners will offer varying levels of service for strategic thinking, design & ideation, development, training, program management, end to end testing, and operational support.


Build a Leading Salesforce Platform Capability

Salesforce is always purchased with grand expectations, bold marketing, and transformational intentions to elevate companies into the digital revolution. Almost all organisations, however, follow a very similar, arduous journey towards Salesforce maturity with varying degrees of success, setbacks, delays, replanning, and unfortunately for too many… failure. Achieving transformational success can not be just about the technology. This post will talk about what is required to build a market leading Salesforce capability / competency centre.


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